Classified Ad Ventures Broadens its Horizons

November 10th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I have been in hybernation for the last few months working on the Classified Ad Ventures business. Originally we started this business as an incubator in which we developed new businesses including List Globally, SoBox, CAV Web Design, and SmartAgent Sites.  However it became appartent that our customers were really asking for a lot more from us than social media and website products, they were asking for digital marketing solutions.  So, being pragmatic as always, we spun out ListGlobally to be a separate business and then merged together Classified Ad Ventures, SoBox, CAV Web Design, and SmartAgentSites to create a full serivce digital marketing agency serving the global real estate industry.

Since this has happened, business has boomed.  We are working on 5 different countries on a range of problems from new market entry to international expansion to new site development.

Here is our press release.