Going Global – Integration of Acquired Businesses

October 11th, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Over the last month i have been writing a series of articles on how the REA Group went global.  To date these articles have covered organic entry to new markets, acquisition based entry into Europe, Asia and the Middle East, how we structured ourselves to lead a global business and how we used internal consultants.  This article looks at once we acquired a new business, how we integrated that business into the REA Group.

Integration planning started long before an acquisition was completed.  During the due diligence process, we would look at the business we were acquiring and then systematically work out what level of integraton we would need in the businesss and over what period of time would we need to execute the integration.  Now when we thought about integration, we looked at the obvious things like finance, HR, systems and processes, products, marketing, and technology.  We also looked at cultural integraton and how we can bring the acquired company into the Group as an equal member.