More Thoughts on Business Leadership

September 30th, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

As i have previously mentioned, we have bought a couple of businesses.  Both of these acquisitions will merge with parts of the existing business.

One of the businesses has a new product set that is complementary to the existing product set.  The way we are approaching this merger is to rapidly focus on getting the go to market approach right.

What is a go to market approach – it is the product / pricing / sales and marketing approach to get the product to the market in the most cost effective manner.

We purchased the business on Monday and by Friday the sales team will be training on the integrated product set … how are we doing it?

  1. We have flown the leadership team for that business unit into head office for 3 days of solid work
  2. They are charged with merging the product sets (from a sales perspective), revising pricing, and getting materials ready for the sales people who fly in from around the country on Friday for a day of briefing.
  3. On Monday, the new product set is being sold by the sales team and our industry marketing team kicks in with special offers to target customers

It may not be pretty but it will work.  We would rather get out there and try it than think for ever and a day about what may be.

I will let you know how we go.