Politicians Emerge Where There is a Leadership Gap

August 31st, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

There are many different types of people that operate within a business.  Based on my experience, here are some of them.

Worker Bees– These are hard workers who are happy with their lot in life and have few long term leadership aspirations beyond doing a good jobs and putting bread on the table for thier family. 

Survivors – These are not so hard workers who do what is necessary to survive in the business and are either looking for something else or see work as a means to end – an enjoyable life.

Aspirants– Employees in this group truly aspire to be leaders in a business and believe that hard work and doing a good job will get them recognised.  They let their work to the talking for them.  Not everyone in this will become a leader in the business however their aspire to get there.

Politicians – Employees in this group also aspire to be leaders however they often look for opportunities to climb the corporate ladder by shamelessly promoting themselves, sometimes at the costs of others, and often are divisive in the business in an attempt to curry favour or use wedge politics to get themselves noticed.

I have come across people in each of these groups during my working life.  The funny thing is that people often clearly fall into one of these categories although they often dont know it themselves.  Of course as the CEO you want a great combination of Worker Bees and Aspirants in the business and should ensure that the Survivors and Politicians are shown the door as soon as possible.