Conferences – Getting the Most Out of Them

December 16th, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

So, for those that have been following my blog will realise that last week we had our half year annual conference.

Wed / Thurs / Fri last week we ran many sessions for people from all parts of the business.  The whole 3 day event is capped off with a gala dinner.

It turned out to be an amazing event.  All the staff became fully connected with the business.  We covered lots of topics from how we have been going, to how we increase our size 10x, to cultural issues and to just having fun!

The highlight was a run down of the financials by our resident CFO / comedien.  He managed in one 30 min session to clearly communicate how the business is going while laying them in the aisles with deft one liners and targeted comments about staff members and beer.

The other highlight was taking the time to get to know people.  I was pleasantly surprised by the number of folk who came up to me at the breaks and over a beer or even at 4 am at the nightclub and who wanted just chat and talk about the business.

The amazing thing is that they are now so connected to the business adn where we are going.  What surprised me most is that when we set the challenge of how we get to $500m in revenues, most said “too low” …

It is so easy to love a business when the team just love it so much too.  The bottom line is that by putting lots into the business and the people, we will get a lot out of it.  I would recommend doing this to all CEO’s.