Emirates Airlines – 7 out of 10

March 11th, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

I travel a lot for my roll as we continue to build out the business into new markets.  As such i get to travel on many and varied airlines and most of the time long haul.   So i thought i would start a new section of the site about what i really think about certain airlines and give you the real inside scoop.

My first victim :) is Emirates.

For those of you who dont know them, they are based out of Dubai in the Middle East and are one of the most progressive airlines (and countries). I have flown Emirates a few times and it is usually long haul and between Europe and Australia and Asia.

The Good

  • Excellent service
  • Great food
  • Friendly cabin staff with great language skill – the are from around the world
  • Dubai airport is wonderful
  • The inflight entertainment system is second to none – hundreds of choices

The Bad

  • The food services as SO SLOW – so if you want to work, you just have to be patient
  • The seats are not the most modern and sleeping on them is really hard!
  • Dont really have an alliance for frequent flyers – i am meant to be getting united points but they are yet to come through

The Ugly

  • Not all planes are modern so if you are unlucky (usually between Middle East and locations in Europe) — the planes suck!
  • On my last flight, the great entertainment system didnt work and there was nothing they could do about it — imagine 14 hours and no TV
  • Check your flights – recently flew from Dubai to Rome but had to stop in Milan on the way – not fun!

Would be great to hear your travel stories :)