8 Tips For 21st Century Leaders

September 20th, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

One thing that i constantly do is read.  I always have a stack of throw away reading for plane trips.  I never read confidential materials about the business on a plane and really spend that time opening my mind to new ideas and thoughts – either about the industry we operate in or about new management techniques and thoughts.

Leadership is one of my hot buttons … here is a list from a management magazine of the top 8 tips for leaders

  1. People are led – things are managed
  2. Pay attention to people, not structures
  3. Some things never change.  Leadership is a process which involves the leader and the followers in a specific situation.  It is NOT a person, a role, a position or a title.
  4. In the next century, despite the on rush of technology, people are still people and need to be and like to be led.
  5. In the knowledge economy, the most precious knowledge is knowing what you dont know
  6. In the knowledge economy is it not what you know but how adept you are to learning
  7. Knowledge is mobile – when people move so does their knowledge
  8. No matter what century, without integrity, there is no leaderhip